Develop, Construct and Deliver Attainable & Affordable Housing. No Admin. Costs!

Alpine Society For Housing
Alpine Society For Housing

13 Units in process!

3 Units Occupied - Lumby & Enderby

4 Units Being Designed - Enderby

6 Units Under Application - Lumby

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Attainable and Affordable Housing


Develop, Construct and Deliver Using

Benevolent, Charitable and 

Philanthropic Pursuits

1998 Vernon Street, Lumby


Two Two-Bedroom Family-Friendly Units

Operating Since May 2018

607 & 613 Cliff Avenue, Enderby


Project Getting Underway!

Concept Design Complete

Approvals - Spring 2019

Construction - Summer 2019

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Affordable and Attainable: Definitions - 2Br Unit

Affordable Market Rents: Gross Household Income Below Median

Rent Geared to Income: $665/mo & 70% Housing Income Limit 

Deep Subsidy: $570/mo

Alpine Society For Housing - No Admin Costs.

1998 Vernon Street, PO Box 83, Lumby, British Columbia V0E 2G0, Canada